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Hunter-seeker missiles are an advanced version of the seeker missile developed for the raven. They were part of the special ordnance developed at Davis's compound on Vardona by the Defenders of Man during the Defenders of Man Insurgency. Unlike normal seeker missiles, these required no energy, can attack structures and could be fired in rapid succession.

Game Effect[]

Nova Covert Ops[]

Hunter-seeker missiles are available as an upgrade to ravens equipped with the special ordnance upgrade in Nova Covert Ops. They replace the ability seeker missile with an attack for the Raven.[1]

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Special Ordnance

Replaces the seeker missile ability with the hunter-seeker missile weapon that automatically attacks enemy units and does not cost energy.

Pursues the current target and explodes for area damage upon impact.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Obtain the special weaponry in "In the Enemy's Shadow."


Hunter-seeker missiles were the original name of seeker missiles during the development of Wings of Liberty.


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