Hutchins was a mercenary who worked under the employ of the criminal Ivan in Deadman's Port. He was a brutal and careless, and had little respect for the authorities he worked for.


Hutchins was hired by Ivan at Deadman's Port with a large crew of mercenaries. Ivan used them as a hit squad to attack other smugglers and pirates in the region.

One day, Hutchins attacked a smuggler carrying live zerg larva. A firefight ensued, in which Hutchins killed the smuggler, but damaged the crates he was taking cover behind. This angered Ivan, and put Hutchins on thin ice.

Later, the group of mercenaries carried the larva back to Ivan's hideout. Hutchins picked up one of the larva, which Jace warned him was a bad idea. Hutchins then put out a wager that his P220 pistol would punch through the larva's husk. Ivan then appeared and released a shale dog on Hutchins, and the two grappled. Eventually Ivan called off the dog after it, and stated that the larva's armor was toot thick for his P220. Ivan told him the shot would have deflected off and killed Hutchins, which would have made him the laughingstock of the sector. Instead, Ivan said, they'd just say that it was Ivan who did it. Ivan shot Hutchins with his own P220 through the chest, killing him.[1]


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