The Castanar hybrid was a powerful hybrid reaver imprisoned at a secret Dominion facility at Castanar.


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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

HybridReaverContainment SC2 Game1

The hybrid in containment

HybridCastanar SC2 Game1

Hybrid unleashed

It was accidentally released by Raynor's Raiders when they destroyed the facility's power core, and went on a rampage throughout the facility, killing terrans (of both factions), zerg and protoss alike. The Raiders escaped in a Hercules dropship, prompting it to "scream" as they did so.[1]

Its scream was so powerful that it was felt by telepaths aboard Hyperion.[2]

Game Unit


This unit or structure can detect cloaked, burrowed, duplicated and hallucination enemies.


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The Castanar hybrid was invincible in the game mission itself, prompting the player to focus on escaping.[1]

Visible on the computer screens are the following information of the hybrid:

  • Synthetic DNA restoration 36% completed
  • Genetic mutations found in chromosome 12, 18
  • Probability of time-shift mutation ~ 13%

The rest of the installation equipment details are rather vague/fuzzy to make out:

  • Warning!
  • Subject showing increasing signs of aggression:
    • ______ - 13.3
    • Blood acidity - 4.7
  • Stasis Parameters
  • Local Mutations Found
  • Code 109B592
  • Code 926


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