Hydrus was a troopship in service to the Terran Confederacy during the Guild Wars.

The ship possessed gravity accelerators but not acceleration couches. It carried numerous dropships in its launch bay, their squadrons of origin varying and all of them bearing the scars of battle. The launch bay was without force field technology, and had to open/close with (de)pressurization in mind.


Hydrus used to be a personnel transport, carrying colonists to Confederate colonies.

By the Guild Wars, Hydrus was over 50 years old. It was purchased by the Confederate military. In 2488 it carried over 2000 recruits, 200 uniformed personnel, several hundred convicts and its crew to Turaxis II, the recruits 'camped out' in its cavernous second hold. A section of its deck was reserved as a "parade ground."

During the trip, some convicts staged a breakout, but were subdued by the military police stationed on the ship. Upon arrival at Turaxis II, deployment was carried out as quickly as possible, but it still took at least three waves of transport drops to get all the soldiers to the surface, and even then, not without casualties.[1]


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