INControL (real name Geoffrey Vincent Robinson) was a former StarCraft and StarCraft II player for team Evil Geniuses who later became a professional caster for the StarCraft II World Championship series and SHOUTCraft Kings INcontrol began playing the original StarCraft as a teenager, and at age 14, started his own pro team, eventually winning the title of national champion at the World Cyber Games in 2007.[1]

INControL is available as a purchasable announcer in StarCraft II, added in Patch 3.17. His voice pack is only available in English and without subtitles.[2]

His portrait is available in StarCraft II as part of the Macherino for 2018 QLASH Casters Invitational.[3] An emoticon and spray named "The Thing" of INcontroL's face was made available as part of the "Swann: Machines" Twitch Prime offer.[4]

Geoff Robinson passed away on July 21th, 2019[5] due to complications involving a blood clot inside of the lungs.[6]



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