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"Welcome to the Torus system, prisoners. You are here because nobody else in the entire galaxy wants anything to do with you. This is your final chance to make yourselves useful to the Dominion. There are only a few rules here, but they boil down to a simple concept: you will become a reaper, or you will die trying. Do what you must."

- Warden Kejora addressing new recruits(src)

The Icehouse, located on a world in the Torus system,[1] is the home of the Dominion Reaper Corps. Here, recruits are subjected to brutal training in close-quarters combat, the use of their jet packs.[2] and various other field and psychological tests. No set sleep cycles exist for the facility's inmates, and sleep is designated at the will of the base's adjutant. Medical treatment for inmates has to be earned based on their performance. Only 10-15% of inmates become reapers.

The facility is staffed by guards, technicians, and robots with twin gauss cannons, though rubber bullets may be fired in training scenarios. Robots are stationed in every room. Thermal sensors, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras also keep watch over the inmates. Robotic combatants, including predators and robotic hydralisks are also scattered through the facility, ready to attack trainees in surprise exercises.[1]


  • Armory bays (at least 8)
  • Canteen/mess hall (meals are served via automatic dispensers, said meals containing a mix of steroids, neutralizers, and hormone retardants)
  • Dormitory (holds recruits)
  • Entrance (massive set of doors from the planet's surface, leads to the Hub)
  • Main corridor (leads from the Hub)
  • Medical ward
  • The Hub (new recruits are inspected here, can hold up to 500 individuals)
  • Safe rooms (used by staff)
  • Section L4 (one of the corridors)
  • Shooting range
  • Sim-cages[1]


The Icehouse operates on a number of precepts:

  1. There are many paths to death. There is only one to victory.
  2. Victory is worth any cost. The cost is always high.
  3. Inmates must pay the price for their own survival.
  4. Inmates must protect themselves at all times. Regard every calm moment as a battlefield, and every battlefield a calm moment.
  5. Your enemy is your greatest teacher. Learn well.
  6. Never allow your enemies to lull you with a false front. Look behind their deception, and the threat shall reveal itself to you.
  7. Dictate the battle to your enemies. Leave them no option but to face you in the manner of your choosing.
  8. Enemies must be confronted and destroyed with efficiency. Method matters not. Use the knife, or the gun, or the bomb, or the fist. Never hesitate.
  9. There is no truth but in victory. All else is dust, easily swept away.[1]

Known StaffEdit


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