In the Enemy's Shadow is the seventh mission of the Nova Covert Ops campaign, and the first mission of the third and final mission pack.

History[edit | edit source]

Between Past And Future[edit | edit source]

"The Emperor has arrived General. He wants to make his announcement soon."
"Does he? We'll be watching closely. If anything goes wrong, your orders are to kill that boy."

- Defenders of Man officer and General Carolina Davis(src)

On the planet of Vardona, General Carolina Davis, former Terran Dominion general, Arcturus Mengsk loyalist and leader of the Defenders of Man, looked over an intercepted transmission connecting Emperor Valerian Mengsk to the death of his father. She looked upon a picture of her and Arcturus during the Sons of Korhal era, and was informed that the psi-emitters her group planted on various Terran Dominion worlds were augmented with Moebius Foundation technology, and would trace back to Valerian. She then got a message stating that the Emperor was arriving soon to announce his resignation, and Davis informed that should he try anything to kill him.

Valerian outlining his plan

Meanwhile, aboard the Bucephalus, Agent Nova Terra, weapons expert Reigel, Admiral Matt Horner and Emperor Valerian Mengsk went over their plan. The Defenders of Man would be watching Valerian's escort, and in the meantime Nova would infiltrate Davis's compound while the Emperor gave his speech. She would then bring her out alive and Valerian would announce her crimes and subsequent arrest.[1]

Mission[edit | edit source]

"Davis. The Emperor has requested your presence."
"And if I refuse?"
"You won't."

- Nova Terra and Carolina Davis(src)

Nova infiltrated the compound through the sewers, moving past the light defender patrols in the area. Reigel noted an energy signature coming from a visor nearby, which would allow Nova to dominate nearby Defenders of Man personnel. Nova evaded the patrons, and moved into the compound proper.

Reigel noted that Davis's room was sealed by two security rooms, and that unlocking those would allow her access to Davis. On the way, Nova found Pierce and Delta Emblock in stasis, with their memories having been falsely implanted to ensure servitude. Reigel also noted experimental weapons in the facility, one a suit augmented with stalker technology, and the other an advanced weapons cache. Nova unlocked both doors, and moved to confront Davis.

However, she found Stone in her way, with his memories modified to ensure loyalty to the Defenders of Man. Stone felt that Nova had betrayed them, and the two fought. Nova stated she did not want to kill him, and after a brief firefight incapacitated him. Nova entered Davis's room, and apprehended her.[2]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This mission has several different ways to approach it, depending on Nova's loadout. It can be approached using cloaking and stealth, sneaking by defenses and sniping key targets, or by using the turbojet jumpsuit and avoiding or confronting large ground of enemies while utilizing hidden passages.

Utilizing the tactical stealth suit (or Apollo infantry suit) and the C-20A canister rifle is advised for taking the stealth route. Sniping key ghosts, sensor drones, and sonar drones will allow Nova to move through large groups. In this route, the indoctrination visor aids with dealing with the laser traps, as the player can move enemy units through the traps, which will turn them off long enough for Nova to bypass them. Take care against gun turrets however, as they have high health and are difficult to destroy, and will reveal Nova if they detect her.

Using the jumpsuit, stim infusion, and monomolecular blade is advised for the frontal assault route. Stim infusion will aid in healing Nova through high damage and will aid in the damage output of her blade. While this route may struggle with laser traps, it will allow the player to quickly accomplish the level and make use of high ground paths.

When reaching the surface of the compound, there are multiple routes to take. The security terminal in the east cannot be accessed normally, and the player must dominate a scientist inside, though Nova can either sneak in through the entrance and move east or use her jumpjet to take the eastern ledge in the courtyard, destroy the vent and slip into the back of the room that way.

The western approach required the player to move through the hangar, which is guarded by sonar drones and an elite battlecruiser (Valor of Vardona) It is possible to dominate it, but it cannot move beyond the perimeter of the hangar bay. At the terminal itself there are several cyclones and a siege tank. Either avoid these and dominate the scientists in the room, or jump to the ledge behind the siege tank, follow the path, and land in the security room.

Both bonus objectives are heavily defended by detection defense. To the northeast is the phase reactor suit, which is defended by several ghosts and turrets. The stalker in the cage can be dominated to provide some small support. Snipe the higher damage units in the room, and move past the laser gates to claim the suit. As there are a large number of cloaked ghosts in the room, the ghost visor may provide a good amount of aid. The second bonus objectives provides special ordinance for Nova's units, and is near the hangar, and has a thor nearby. Dominating it can help with tanking the damage of the nearby units while Nova snipes key targets.

Behind the second bonus objective is a secret weapon Nova can unlock. If the player uses the phase reactor suit to jump onto the ledge behind the special ordinance pickup and blinks past the ledge further down the path, they will find an area with scientists practicing yoga. Blinking down the ledge below Nova on the opposite side of the scientists will lead her to a room where she can unlock the blazefire gunblade.

After unlocking the security terminals, the player must fight against Stone. Dominated units, like warhounds, who enter the room with Nova can help to fight Stone. Stone will attempt to EMP Nova to reveal her, then once she is revealed use snipe on her. This can be avoided by putting a statue between her and Stone. Stone will also use defensive matrix on himself, only taking 10 damage at a time. Stone will also cloak and teleport. The player should not use abilities on Stone at this time, as they will be wasted damage. While it is possible to use the indoctrination visor on Stone, he cannot be controlled and will resist the visor. At 75% health, sensor drones will spawn on the corners of the room, and will circle around until they hit Nova. The best loadout for this fight is the monomolecular blade, stim infusion and ghost visor. When Stone cloaks, the ghost visor will allow Nova to continue damaging him, and the stim infusion combined with the high damage of the monomolecular blade means Nova can quickly wear down Stone before the sensor drones can cause too many issues. Alternatively the player may use the canister rifle instead of the monomolecular blade. Deal normal damage to Stone when his defensive matrix is on. As soon as his matrix wears out, quickly and repeatedly cast snipe on Stone. Three consecutive snipes will be enough to defeat him.

For the achievement "Catch Me If You Can," the jumpjet loadout is a must. Rush through the sewer level, taking the direct approach and avoiding most enemies. Use the blade's dash and stim to get through large groups of enemies, and use stim for a small heal. Beware as the blade's dash will sometimes zone in on nearby enemies, possibly pushing Nova backwards. Utilize recovery terminals whenever possible as Nova will take high damage. After reaching the surface, use the ledge near the sewer ladder and fly toward the hanger. Dash past the forces in the hanger and move toward the siege tank, using the cliff behind it to get into the security room. Speed back toward the courtyard, and use the ledge on the southeastern side to slip into the compound, then continue until a vent is located. Break that and use dominate on one of the scientists on the low ground. Use the cache nearby to switch the visor to the ghost visor, then move to confront Stone. The countdown timer ends when Stone is defeated.

For "Fix Me Up, Will You?," all that is needed is to bring the Thor found near where Nova acquires the indoctrination visor to the end of the sewer section. Near the final ledge leading to the ladder there is a door that will open, and guiding the thor through that will earn the achievement. This achievement can be done without dealing with any defenses by walking the thor through the level without attacking anyone, as the indoctrination visor does not have a range of control.[2]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

EnemyShadow1 SC2AchiveImage.JPG In the Enemy's Shadow

10 Achievement SC2 Game1.JPEG


Complete the “In the Enemy's Shadow” mission in Nova: Covert Ops.

EnemyShadow2 SC2AchiveImage.JPG I'm With Her

10 Achievement SC2 Game1.JPEG


Use enemy units under the effect of Domination to destroy 20 other enemy units in the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission.

EnemyShadow3 SC2AchiveImage.JPG Fix Me Up, Will Ya!

10 Achievement SC2 Game1.JPEG


Bring the Thor to the mechanic while in the sewers in the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission on Normal difficulty or higher.

EnemyShadow4 SC2AchiveImage.JPG Catch Me If You Can

10 Achievement SC2 Game1.JPEG


Complete the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission in under 4 minutes on Hard difficulty or higher.

NCO10 SC2AchiveImage.JPG Subconscientious Objector

10 Achievement SC2 Game1.JPEG


Kill fewer than 20 units in the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission on Normal difficulty.


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The song that plays in Carolina Davis's room in the opening cinematic is "Brood War Aria" from the opening cinematic of StarCraft: Brood War.
  • In the eastern side of the sewers, there is a room with moopy surrounded by four mutant creatures. This is possibly a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
  • At the top of the map, there is a hidden room where a group of Defenders of Man scientists are participating in yoga. This can be accessed by using the phase reactor suit on the ledge above the special ordinance bonus objective.

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References[edit | edit source]

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