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The indoctrination visor is a terran visor designed for psionic soldiers. They are calibrated to isolate the mind control talents of some ghosts and amply them exponentially. These visors are invaluable tools for infiltration operations that lack an inside contact.

At the compound of General Carolina Davis, Defenders of Man scientists were experimenting on the visor in the sewers below the structure. Agent Nova Terra acquired the visor during her operation to infiltrate the compound during the Defenders of Man Insurgency.[1]

Game Effect[]

The indoctrination visor is a choice for Nova's helmet slot in Nova Covert Ops after discovering it in the sewers in "In the Enemy's Shadow" It allows Nova to control a single non-heroic unit for as long as the ability is channeled.[1]

IndoctrinationVisor SC2NCOGame.JPG
Indoctrination Visor

Allows Nova to take control of target enemy unit. Heroic units are immune. Only one enemy unit can be controlled at a time. Effect lasts until cancelled. Cooldown timer begins once the effect has been cancelled.

Hotkey D
Cost 25 Energy
Cooldown 30 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Acquired during "In the Enemy's Shadow."


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