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"Do you think death is the worst thing that can happen to you here? Infestation is what's coming for you."

"Infestation" is a term associated with the zerg, applied on both the micro and macro level.


The Zerg Swarm can assimilate creatures and planets by devouring them outright, or more typically, infesting them, using a variety of agents. From the individual to an entire planetary ecosystem, organic matter can be bent to the Swarm's will.[1]


The Swarm's most direct method of infesting other life-forms is the hyperevolutionary virus.[1] The virus is usually delivered by virophages[1]or queens[2] The parasites utilized by queens could also be considered a form of infestation, as they allow the Swarm to see through the target's eyes,[3] and even exert control over the host in some cases.[4] One of the most (in)famous forms of this kind of infestation are infested terrans—former humans that have succumbed to the virus. The protoss, for the most part, are immune.[1]


Before the Swarm invades a planet, zerg fleets typically drop a massive payload of hive spores onto the surface. These spores spew a flood of creep, initiating infestation. Some zerg structures, such as the hatchery, serve as loci for creep growth.[5] Various zerg strains can also deposit creep directly.[6] If left unchecked, creep can consume an entire planet within days.[7] The protoss have often taken extreme measures against planets that have been infested, glassing them as a result.[1] During and prior to the Great War, terran technology was not able to detect topsoil infestation of their worlds.[2][3]


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