An installation is a facility, usually built by terrans and often found underground. Installations have their own tileset in both StarCraft and StarCraft II. Missions that take place in installations typically do not involve construction of bases, the use of worker units, or the presence of any minerals or vespene gas. Similar gameplay is occasionally found in space platform missions. Installation missions that are not part of campaigns are found on use map settings scenario maps.


These examples of installations are from StarCraft missions, in chronological order:

Other notable terran installations in StarCraft lore include the Fist of Redemption installation from StarCraft: Insurrection, the Fujita Facility, the Ghost Academy, the Kel-Morian Research Facility from Egg Madness, Science Station 12 from StarCraft: Retribution, and the Steal the Beacon installation. StarCraft lore also includes protoss installations such as the Xel'naga caverns, the Alys'aril, and the Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility.

The following space platform missions have somewhat similar gameplay to installation missions, with a lack of worker units for either side to construct buildings or harvest resources:


Installations typically feature a number of beacons which are scripted to do things such as teleportation to another part of the installation, unlocking doors, revealing parts of the map, or discovering important military secrets. They almost always have traps hidden in various places, usually to attack your troops, but sometimes to attack the enemy as well. Often they have unarmed civilians there, typically working as scientists. Installations often feature terran experiments on the zerg or on critters. There are no buildings, resources, or worker units in most installations. Usually installation missions feature both enemy units that attack your forces and friendly units you can get to fight alongside your starting forces by standing near them. Installation missions often feature controllable hero units (e.g. Jim Raynor, Infested Kerrigan, Tassadar, or Samir Duran), as well as occasionally hero units not under your control (e.g. Zeratul or Alexei Stukov). Almost everything in installation missions is typically scripted, including how to win (usually by having one of your units get to a special beacon that is the ultimate goal).

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