"Release the interceptors."

- A carrier commander(src)

Interceptors SC1 CineInauguration1

Interceptors in flight

The interceptor is a type of protoss robotic strike craft. They are the primary weapon of carriers.


"They look like little horseflies. Little buzzing horseflies that kill you."

- A Dominion marine commenting on interceptors(src)

Interceptor SC-FM Art1

An interceptor

Interceptors are fast, maneuverable, computer-guided strike craft launched by carriers. They may deploy to engage enemy strike craft or ground units.[1] Every interceptor is equipped with a simple AI with highly advanced targeting subroutines. Some of these fighters have independent fire-control circuits, which allow them to continue firing even if the enemy jams the command signal or destroys the interceptor's robotic brain. They are equipped with two small plasma cannons as heavier ordnance would decrease maneuverability.[2] However, the charges of a flight of interceptors can present a threat to capital ships.[3]

AmonInterceptor SC2SkinImage

Amon's Fleet interceptors

Interceptors are constructed in an automated manufacturing plant connected to the carrier's hanger, where diligent Khalai engineers see to their maintenance and launch operations.[2] When deployed the strike craft attack and retreat rapidly to the carrier for repairs and rearmament. The details of the smooth orchestrated deployment of carrier-borne interceptors is a matter of interest to terran scientists.[1] Interceptor deployment was improved with the deployment of the graviton catapult.[2] Certain Tal'darim motherships are equipped with the ability to launch and produce interceptors.[4]

During the End War the interceptors of Amon's Forces began to undergo changes in appearance due to their exposure to Void energies.[5]

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