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  • Jace, the mercenary
"Unlike the Dominion, the Umojan Protectorate does not recognize a cease-fire with the xenos. It's only a matter of time before we find war standing at our doorstep. We intend to be ready. And that means weapons. Exactly what you're here to build."

- Jace(src)

Jace was a shift leader at Spearpoint Base. He was a stickler for the rules, though had a streak of aggressiveness, and Ida Briggs described him as having "watched one too many detective holos." He was never late for a shift.


Jace was appointed as a shift leader for Spearpoint Base, due to his firm adherence to the rules. When a new group of workers came in, Jace informed them of their duty to the Umojan Protectorate, and how their weapons would lead to the betterment of the humanity in the Koprulu sector should there be a new alien threat, though Frank speculated the threat was just as likely to be the Terran Dominion.[1]

After the murder of Russell, Jace became suspicious of new arrivals to the factory. When Caleb shorted a panel, he began to interrogate him as the one responsible for the murders, under Ida Briggs scolded him for taking the security investigation into his own hands.

Later, Jace was murdered by a rogue Nerazim seeking the weapon in the Umojan lab, impaled through the chest. The Nerazim threw his corpse on Caleb's bed, and he was forced to dispose of him in the waste incinerator. His disappearance was noticed not long after, with some suspecting that he was a spy, but Briggs stated he was too strict to the rules to have been one.[2]

After Jace's death, the assistant shift leader resigned, throwing the factory into chaos as no workers had scheduling or pay.[3]


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