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Captain Jack Larimer, frequently known as "Captain Jack", was the commander of a Tactical Response Squad during the Guild Wars.

Larimer had the whipcord-thin build of a runner, a pastime that he both enjoyed and excelled at. He was very sure of himself had much self-confidence and in the mind of Tychus Findlay, "mean as hell."[1]


During the Guild Wars, Larimer was the head of the Tactical Response Squad, which he often volunteered for the most dangerous missions on the board. His second-in-command was Staff Sergeant Tychus Findlay, whom he took pleasure in bossing around. Larimer also relied heavily on Corporal Wasser, whose relationship to Larimer could be described as a dog's to its master

In 2488 the Terran Confederacy defeated the Kel-Morian Combine at Prosser's Well. Larimer took possession of an office building there (the same one a Kel-Morian commander had previously used).

Findlay had set up an illegal deal with Gunnery Sergeant Sims, a supply sergeant in charge of captured Kel-Morian equipment, but it hadn't come to fruition yet.

Larimer hatched a scheme to attack some of Raydin III's anti-Confederate dissidents, making it look like the Combine had attacked them. To this end, he summoned Findlay to his office. Larimer told Findlay he was looking for a "collaborator" in a well-guarded house. The squad would disguise themselves as Kel-Morian outriders, so Findlay was told to seek out Sims and get appropriate equipment from him, including a rocket launcher "just in case". Larimer would disguise himself as "Overseer Jack".

The squad took a captured Kel-Morian dropship to the house in question, but Larimer cut Findlay out of the loop when talking to the dropship pilot.

The dropship flew low over the house, displaying its Kel-Morian markings, as it immediately took fire from the house. As a number of marines were killed and the dropship was damaged, Findlay told Larimer to take the dropship down. Larimer called him a coward, prompting Findlay to smash Larimer's helmet with his rifle, knocking him out. Corporal Wasser, who was present with the squad, jumped on Findlay and arrested him.

Findlay was demoted to private and ordered to serve three months for the assault. This also cost him the deal he was working on.[1]


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