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|job=Voice actor ([[Zeratul]] and [[Edmund Duke]] in ''[[StarCraft]]'')
'''Jack Ritschel''' was the voice actor for [[Zeratul]]<ref name = "LoreVid">Metzen, Chris; Chambers, Andy; StarCraft Legacy staff. 2009-04-03. [ BlizzCon 2007 StarCraft Lore Panel Editorial]. ''StarCraft Legacy.'' Accessed 2009-05-18.</ref> and General [[Edmund Duke]]<ref name = "LorePanel">GuyWithTheFace01, Chris Metzen, ''et al''. 2009-08-23. [ BlizzCon 2009 - Starcraft 2 - Lore Panel - Part 4]. ''Youtube.'' Accessed 2009-08-29.</ref> in ''[[StarCraft]]'' and its [[StarCraft: Brood War|expansion]]. Ritschel had since passed away.<ref name = "LoreVid"/>
[[Fred Tatasciore]], the new voice actor for Zeratul, said it was Ritschel who really captured the spirit of "this 600 somewhat year old knight templar". Tatasciore remembers him being called as a "good version of Darth Vader, presumably for his calm but deep and strong voice.<ref name = "LorePanel"/>
According to ImDb, he also voiced [[Artanis]] in ''Brood War''.<ref>[ Jack Ritschel], ''IMDb''. Accessed on 2011-08-14</ref>
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