Jackson was a Terran Dominion marine assigned under Captain Barlow.


Jackson was assigned under Captain Barlow's marine squad and served on her Liberator. They discovered an illegal Kel-Morian Combine salvage operation under Captain Theban of the Magpie of a protoss ship, and captured the scavengers.

After the scavengers had been imprisoned and they prepared to destroy the protoss ship and the Magpie, Jackson reported that Captain Colins, who had been assigned to seal the hatchways, had not reported back in. As he was giving Barlow information his last sitrep, a bullet pierced his chest from the scavengers storming the bridge, killing the marine.[1]

The Nerazim assailant then spoke through Jackson's corpse, telling the scavengers that they were all doomed to die. Nero Theban then shot his corpse, and ordered his crew to shoot the remaining corpses.[2]


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