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Jacob's Ladder is a region in the Kohlda province on Aiur.


It was used by protoss Templar to maintain their fighting skills. Strategic wargames were carried out with a combination of real troops and hallucinations, and battlefields were chosen to allow the combatants an opportunity to hone a variety of tactical skills. It has also been used for many intertribal competitions.

Invasion of Aiur[]

At some point during the zerg invasion of Aiur, a protoss Executor was successful in assaulting Mir and was ordered by Aldaris to defend an outpost from an assault by the regrouped enemies at Jacob's Ladder to prevent the fall of the Kohlda province, by then the zerg already managed to gain access to protoss resource reserves.

Game Map[]

The area serves as a multiplayer map in StarCraft, supporting two players. On the upper land however, choke points are to be found, making defense a more simple matter.


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