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Jacob Kang is a member of the Umojan Ruling Council.


Kang was aware of shadowguard agent Pandora's mission to uncover the secrets of the Thor Project[1] in 2503.[2]

She was injured and awoke, with a blank spot in her memory, in a medical bay. Kang informed her the test was perfect and they were following up information at the Valhalla installation. The other Ruling Council members were terrified of the weapon, but Kang believed the information would prepare them for Dominion attacks.

Kang gifted her with the Guardian Order, having persuaded the Council to let her carry it until she could undergo the formal ceremony.

When Pandora asked Kang about casualties, he tried to hide the true figures from her telepathic abilities, eventually saying seven had been killed in Dominion sweeps, including her team leader, Sage.[1]


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