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"Yeah, I got your zerg right here..."

- Jacobs moments before being impaled(src)

Jacobs was a terran marine.


Jacobs was originally a marine in the Confederate Marine Corps.[1] At some point after the Fall of Tarsonis, he was a member of Alpha Squadron under the Terran Dominion.[2]


Jacobs SC1 CineBattleAmerigo2

Jacobs on the Amerigo

A few months after the Dominion's founding, Alpha Squadron was dispatched to Char in order to "flush out" the zerg. Alpha Squadron was on the receiving end of the casualties however, a receiving end which included the zerg overrunning the science vessel Amerigo. In response, a demolition team, Jacobs included, was sent to investigate and, if any zerg were present, destroy it.

The marines had brought a high yield explosive with them, along with a number of beverages. While enjoying such a substance along with his teammates, Jacobs was suddenly impaled by a hydralisk's claw from behind, piercing his skull. Seconds later, his corpse was lifted up and away from his teammates.[2]


Marine SC1 DevRend1

The StarCraft beta Jacobs

A marine named Jacobs appeared in the StarCraft beta. Like the one that appeared in the cinematic, he is identifiable by a name painted on the lapel region of his armor.[3] Jacobs appeared again in artwork commemorating StarCraft's 15th anniversary.[1]

Based on the text printed on his helmet, it appears that this version of Jacobs possessed an O blood type.[3]


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