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The Jacobs Installation

"With the chaos of the Confederates' evacuation, you shouldn't have any trouble getting in or out of their installation."

The Jacobs Installation was a top-secret[1] Terran Confederacy research facility on Mar Sara.[2]


The interior

The Jacobs Installation was built into the side of a mountain, on the other side of Mar Sara's major cities. Not listed in any official archive,[3] the installation possessed walls at least three meters thick[4] and was operated by Alpha Squadron.[5] The structure was built over a massive cavern. Parts of the installation were heavily automated and defended, and operated by numerous backups, allowing them to operate even after the destruction of the majority of the installation.[4]

In order to get to some sensitive areas, one had to use transporter pads to move around.[5]

In an especially heavily guarded section of the installation, behind two meter thick paristeel vault doors, the Confederates stored ardeon crystals which had been tainted by zerg spores.[4]



The Confederacy experimented with captured zerg specimens within the installation, containing data on the psi-emitters.[6]

Sons of Korhal Raid[]

Jim Raynor picking a data disc

Three hours after the colonial evacuation of Mar Sara, the installation was infiltrated by Sons of Korhal troops under Captain Jim Raynor. They were ordered by Mengsk to salvage any Confederate weapon designs they could. The infiltrators fought through the remaining defenders accessed the Confederate network in Sector 1 and downloaded secret information onto data discs.[5] It later turned out to be plans for a psi emitter.[7] Upon doing so, a self-destruct mechanism was activated, the installation being destroyed just after the rebels escaped.[3] The installation also took further damage when the protoss bombarded Mar Sara.[4]

After the End[]

Main article: Thundergod

Years after its destruction, rumors pertaining to the installation's function can still be heard, though the information remains classified by the Terran Dominion. The Kel-Morian Combine attempted to salvage the installation, but was shut down by the Dominion. The reasons have been put under Level Black censoring. Thor pilot Sandin Forst believed the Dominion would excavate the ruins.[4]

In 2502[8] a group of terrans led by Forst gained access to the installation, hoping to seize a cache of ardeon crystals that had reportedly been stored there. They found that the installation's automated security system was still active. Deep within, the sole survivor, Forst, discovered a cache of ardeon crystals in a strong vault. Unfortunately the crystals were tainted by zerg spores, which was why they had been hidden there. The automated systems sealed a now infested Forst into the vault, who desperately tried to blast his way out, only to be trapped within the wreckage.[4]


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