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James Page is the frontman, singer, and songwriter for White Boy James & The Blues Express. He wrote and performed Excuse Me for Scribblin' and A Zerg, A Shotgun and You, both of which appeared in Wings of Liberty and "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty."[1]


James "White Boy" Page is a terran poet, outlaw and beatnik known for his hit music. Little is known about his origins or whereabouts, but he has a record unsurpassed by most outlaw musicians. He was known for being anti-establishment for decades, long before the foundation of the Terran Dominion. According to rumor, Page is well over 120 years old. Much of his music was banned by the Terran Dominion.

At some point, Page was caught and thrown into New Folsom. During the prison's "great break," Page was seem driving towards an airlock. His fate is unknown.[2]


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