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" I think that StarCraft is probably the best franchises we have."

- James Waugh(src)

James M. Waugh was the director of story and creative development at Blizzard Entertainment.[1]


"Did I initially aspire to be a video game writer? I didn't even know it was a plausible career path when I first left graduate school. I think the industry changed in a lot of ways, and video games became a great storytelling vehicle. I ended up going in that direction."

- James Waugh(src)

Waugh was in college when the original StarCraft was released. He has stated that Tassadar's sacrifice is his favorite moment in the overall storyline. He has recalled that he lost "years of college" while playing the game.[2]
He spent a great deal of time pouring over the game's manual.[3]

Waugh worked as a screenwriter and development executive within the film industry. He spent time trying to option StarCraft as a movie, and got in touch with Chris Metzen. This later led to an offer to join Blizzard from Metzen himself, Waugh joining in 2008. He has worked on the company's various IPs.[2]

Alongside Metzen and Jason Huck, Waugh designed the overall arc of the StarCraft II trilogy.[4]
He subsequently worked on dialog in Wings of Liberty[5], and was the lead writer for Legacy of the Void.[6]

Waugh left Blizzard in September, 2016.[7]

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Tychus Findlay is his favorite StarCraft character.[2]
Fenix has also been mentioned as a favorite.[10]

In gameplay, he has stated that "I've always been a protoss player".[11]

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