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A Jarban glider

Jarban gliders are large, floating whale-like creatures native to Jarban Minor.


Jarban gliders have the ability to levitate, and seem to be able to survive high terrazine exposure. The massive cave systems underneath the planet allow the Jarban gliders room to move through the caves with ease. Their bodies house terrazine, though by using a biomechanical extraction device the terrazine can be extracted from their bodies.

A Jarban glider's visage

After the End War, an Umojan Protectorate research team sent to Jarban Minor set up these extraction devices and attached Jarban gliders to them to extract their terrazine. However, the zerg attacked the Umojan research base, killing and infesting the majority of the research team, leaving several Jarban gliders still attached to the extraction devices. During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Agent Nova Terra used these extraction devices to gather terrazine from the gliders, and the Jarban gliders were released from the devices after the harvesting process ended.[1]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Similar lifeforms lived on Bel'Shir, named Bel'Shir gliders.[2]


In the map editor, Jarban gliders are referred to as kasai space whales.[3]


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