Jeff Grubb is a former civil engineer turned author and game designer. He has worked on a number of computer and role-playing games and has written a number of successful novels, short stories and comics, amongst which is the novel StarCraft: Liberty's Crusade. He has also written for StarCraft's counterpart universes of Warcraft and Diablo.

At this point in time, Jeff is developing areas, characters and events for the MMORPG series Guild Wars. As the series is one of World of Warcrafts rivals, writing any more novels for Warcraft or any one of Blizzard's other franchises, StarCraft included, could be seen as a conflict of interest. However, he has not ruled out writing more Warcraft or StarCraft novels in the future.[1]


Jeff freely admits he hates everything that he writes for at least two years after he writes it, then he slowly comes to see how good it was after that.[2]


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