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|faction={{FlagRaynorsRaiders}} [[Raynor's Raiders]] (formerly)<br/>
|faction={{FlagRaynorsRaiders}} [[Raynor's Raiders]] (formerly)<br>
{{FlagDominion}} [[Terran Dominion]]
{{FlagDominion}} [[Terran Dominion]]

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"Sir, I'd like to say, it's a pleasure serving on the Hyperion."

- Hall to Jim Raynor(src)

Jessica Hall is a captain in the Terran Dominion, and a former member of Raynor's Raiders.[2]


HallStetmann SC2 Story1

Hall and Egon Stetmann in the cantina.

Jessica Hall was aboard the Hyperion during the Second Great War. As most of the Raiders, she was concerned by the amount of alcohol Jim Raynor was consuming, though she would later trust her commander.

Hall was responsible for the starboard generator and mission archives, reminding Raynor that he could review the missions he had been on.[3]

After the End War, Hall became a captain in the Terran Dominion. She served under the now Admiral Matt Horner. When Borea came under attack by feral zerg, Hall helped command the defense of Admiral Matt Horner's garrison. She served intelligence to Nova Terra as she and her forces defended the canyons leading into the base.[4]

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty which is no longer valid.

Hall was interested in a relationship with Matt Horner.[3]

Game Effect

Hall is one of four portrait options immediately available to players when they first create a player profile in StarCraft II.

In Wings of Liberty, she is sometimes seen on the bridge of the Hyperion[5] and in the cantina.[6]

The portrait of the Knights of Tyrador raven skin uses the model of Hall for its portrait.[7]


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