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"Making your way from world to world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break on Mar Sara, sure can help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go…where everybody pays up to Ray, and the juke box always plays."

- An advertisment for the bar(src)

The bar's exterior

Joeyray's Bar, also known as Joeyray's,[1] is a bar on Mar Sara owned by Joeyray.[2]

It is a locals-only establishment, far off the beaten track and situated in one of Mar Sara's most arid and disreputable districts. It holds fame among music circles due to the presence of its jukebox, playing tracks banned by the Dominion. Its exterior structure is of grey-bricks.[1]


"Drink up. Pay up. Shut up!"

- Bar slogan(src)

The bar's interior

The bar has the following features:

  • On the neon sign reading, "JOEYRAY'S BAR," the lights sometimes flickered to read "U PAY RAY" and "PAY UP".[3]
  • The skull of what appears to be a hydralisk hung on the wall with lights strung through it.[3]
  • A Nosh brand television and two other screens, which broadcast the Universal News Network. One of these was shot by Raynor,[7] and the cost was put on his tab.[2]


"Gunpowder. Sweat. Stale beer. Smoke. Broken Dreams. Blood. Whiskey. Blind hatred. These are the acrid smells of Joeyray's."

Raynor drowns his sorrows

Jim Raynor was a patron during the interbellum[4] and was declared its "most famous patron".[8] He used it as his unofficial headquarters for a time and word of his presence spread. Mar Saran Evening Gazette journalist Humbert H. traveled there, hoping to spot Raynor and the bar's jukebox. Dodging the Dominion, he got what he wanted, along with some pranks. Delighted and enthusiastic, he vowed to return.[1]

On the eve of the Second Great War, Raynor used the bar as his command center after watching a UNN broadcast there which prompted him to resume his revolution against Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.[7]

Tychus Findlay also tracked Raynor to the bar.[5] They returned after a mission, only to learn of a zerg invasion; they would have to evacuate.[9] The pair took the bar's jukebox when they left Mar Sara at the onset of the war; it was installed aboard the Hyperion in the cantina.[10]

Raynor and Kerrigan reunited?

Raynor was present in the bar two years after the End War. It was the last time anyone saw him—only his badge was found.[6]

Game Structure[]

Co-op Missions[]

Joeyray's Bar features as the central structure for Tychus Findlay in Co-op Missions. He lugs it from battlefield to battlefield via a Hercules at the start of a match, but it can be rebuilt once destroyed. From the bar, outlaws of the new Heaven's Devils can be recruited from there for a price. When the Outlaws are beaten, they'll escape back to the bar where they will respawn after paying 250 minerals and 25 seconds.[11]


Bar logo

  • The bar's name may be a reference to Joeyray Hall, a Blizzard cinematics editor.
  • The bar's structure bears great resemblance to the cut merc haven structure.
  • Joeyray is mentioned as a 'stock' name in the ending cinematic of Rebel Yell.[13]

Joeyray's Bar pint glasses

  • A set of Joeyray's Bar pint glasses are available for sale from the store and from[14]
  • The bar can be seen on the loading screen of Heroes Brawl in Heroes of the Storm. A bar named "Joeyray's Bar II" was used for the trailer for the Winter Veil 2017 event, with a similar layout to Joeyray's.[15]


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