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"Had a kid. He was gifted they said."

John Raynor[1], called Johnny[2], was the son of Lidya and Jim Raynor.


John Raynor was raised on Mar Sara. He scored highly on a psionic evaluation at a young age[1] and so was considered "gifted"[3]. As a result, the Tarsonis Institute of Health and Research invited John to attend trials to develop his psionic potential, reminding the parents that it was their duty to send him. Jim Raynor did not trust the Confederacy; Lidya thought this was a good opportunity for John, and that Jim's judgement was clouded by the past. Eventually, John was sent to the school.[1]

Months later[3], the institute sent the Raynors a letter, saying that John had died in a shuttle accident. Lidya blamed herself and eventually died of grief.[1]


Chris Metzen has not ruled out continuing John's story, such as him being a ghost under the Dominion. However, at the time he made the comment (2011), there were no plans to do so.[4]


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  1. According to Perdition's Crossing, Liddy was pregnant with John while Raynor was acting as marshal. According to the official book timeline, Raynor becomes acting marshal in 2496, but also states in its 2495 entry that Raynor and Liddy were married that year and that John is born shortly after.