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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

"I am good, aren't I?"

- Byrne(src)

Captain Julian Byrne is a terran pilot and member of the Alliance. He primarily flies the Sleepwalker (a dropship), but is also trained in the use of the wraith, vulture and siege tank. Card dealing is another ability of his.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Byrne was born into a wealthy philanthropist family, enjoying all the comforts of life as he grew up. He attended the best schools and took an early interest in piloting, everyone telling him that he was good at it. With the onset of the war in the Koprulu Sector however, he enlisted in the Alliance, quickly obtaining a command rank. Many look to Byrne to provide an example and leadership.

A few years after the Brood War, Byrne was part of a special Alliance squad, sent on a mission to Dylar Station and the planet below. Byrne survived the experience, earning a medal for his trouble.

References[edit | edit source]

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