"When we destroyed the kalathi, we thought we were doing the right thing. We thought our motives were the best and we had no other choice. When we realized our mistake, it was too late. Once you have destroyed an alien intelligence, you cannot bring it back. As terrible as the zerg seem, we must learn more; we must understand them. The stakes are too high."

- Juras(src)

The Kalath Intercession is the protoss name for a violent civil war among the kalathi, a species of alien.

First ContactEdit

After the exile of the Dark Templar, a few centuries before the Great War the protoss began to explore space. They encountered the kalathi.[1]

The exact timing is unknown, but it took place during the lifetime of Fenix.[2][3]

The IntercessionEdit

Protoss researchers watched over the kalathi. These aliens became embroiled in an internal war, moving two large armies against each other as the researchers watched from energy shielded enclosures. Juras, an explorer, asked an executor to stop them by scaring the kalathi with their weapons, but the kalathi simply turned on the protoss, attempting to kill the researchers. The protoss responded by firing a mighty weapon. Afterward the kalathi attacked protoss at every opportunity, and general war broke out.[4] The protoss resorted to using colossus automated machines which virtually annihilated the kalathi.[1]

By the end of the war, hundreds of thousands of kalathi lay dead[4] and their civilization had been reduced to the Stone Age.[5]


The shameful episode resulted in a ban of interference among "lesser species" by the protoss. This led to greater restrictions upon the Dae'Uhl.[1] The colossus so frightened the Protoss Conclave that they banned its use, leaving the machines on asteroids in space.[6]

In the aftermath of the Intercession, templar returning to Aiur were met with hostility by their protoss brethren. According to the Daelaam archives, these tensions sparked an incident between Praetor Fenix and Aldera's Judicator, where Fenix was fired upon by his own templar warriors after refusing to stand down.[2]


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