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The kalathi are a sapient species.[1]

Kalathi have two genders, much like terrans and protoss. Their warriors are called bloodreavers.[2] Their homeworld is located far outside the Koprulu sector and the terrans have no knowledge of their existence.[3]


Main article: Kalath Intercession

The protoss discovered the kalathi centuries before the Great War[4] in a location far outside the Koprulu Sector[3] and established a plasma shielded research observatory. A kalathi civil war erupted as the protoss watched. Scientist Juras advised the local executor to stop the fighting by scaring the natives with superior protoss technology.[2]

The kalathi turned on the protoss and a general war broke out. The protoss deployed colossi and decimated the kalathi.[4]

The kalathi had been reduced to the Stone Age.[3]

The result shocked the protoss; in the aftermath of the Kalath Intercession, the Conclave tightened the restrictions of the Dae'Uhl, banning the construction or operation of colossi, and forbidding the protoss from ever again directly interfering in the affairs of "lesser races."[4]


It was stated in an interview by Blizzard employees that the zerg are universally feared, hated and hunted by all the sapient species of the Milky Way.[5] The statement was quite general however, and it is unclear how much of it (if any) can be said to apply to the kalathi.


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