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"I know of no higher honor. I volunteered for a chance to give my life for our home. To make a world for all protoss once more! You made me believe in that."

- Kaldalis to Hierarch Artanis before the reclamation of Aiur(src)

Kaldalis[1] is a protoss zealot and a close friend of Hierarch Artanis,[2] serving as his aide.[3]


The Great WarEdit

"I watched our home burn. Our honor lost."

- Kaldalis, reflecting on the fall of Aiur(src)

Kaldalis survived the zerg conquest of Aiur during the Great War. Afterwards, he joined the Daelaam led by Hierarch Artanis. Kaldalis was impressed by Artanis' vision of a unified protoss society, incorporating both Khalai and Nerazim.[2]

The Reclamation of AiurEdit

"The lives lost tomorrow will be the price of our future."
"An easy sentiment from one who is not sending them to die!"
"From one who is being sent to die!"

- Kaldalis and Artanis(src)

KaldalisArtanis SC2-LotV-R Cine1

Kaldalis and Artanis discuss the looming invasion

After the Second Great War, the Daelaam launched its campaign to reclaim Aiur. As a zealot, Kaldalis volunteered to be an akhundelar; among the first wave of troops to land, expected to suffer heavy casualties. On the eve of battle, Kaldalis met privately with Artanis on Saalok. Artanis doubted that the reclamation was worth the casualties and was surprised to learn Kaldalis had volunteered to join the akhundelar. Kaldalis declared the hierarch's vision of protoss unity gave him hope, and that it was a future he was willing to die for. Artanis's doubts were soothed by the zealot's dedication.

Kaldalis SC2-LotV Cine2

Kaldalis defiant

The following day,[2] Kaldalis deployed to the surface of Aiur with two other zealots, and two high templar. Their task was to defend a probe warping in a pylon, and establish a warp in point. The group was attacked by zerg from atop a hill, and from burrows around them. Eventually, only Kaldalis remained to face the enemy. However, enough time had been bought for the pylon to materialize, and Kaldalis was reinforced by zealots warping in. Now on a more even playing field, Kaldalis and the zealots immediately charged the zerg.[4]

Reflection of a HeroEdit

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Main article: Kaldalis (Purifier)

By the later stages of the End War, a Purifier construct of Kaldalis had been created, and fought alongside Talandar. It possessed the ability to inhabit the shell of Purifier legionnaires.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"My life for Aiur."

- Kaldalis(src)

Kaldalis takes pride in the history of the protoss and the Khala, though does not express prejudice towards the Nerazim, and believes that driving them away was a sin.[2] A scar runs down his left eye, preventing him from using it. He has shown himself to be a willing and capable warrior.[4]


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