Kaloth was a zerg cerebrate of the New Swarm.



"As you are well aware, Admiral Stukov was infested by the zerg cerebrate Kaloth. The cerebrate's cells regenerated Stukov's own, bringing him back to life. Now he lords over his own secret Brood."

- Artanis discusses the secret mission on Braxis(src)

Kaloth acquired and revived the corpse of Alexei Stukov, the former Vice Admiral of the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Force to the Koprulu sector,[1] as an experiment in terms of infesting humans as leaders of the zerg.[2] Abathur would later note that Stukov's sequences were "spun" in a more sophisticated manner than his own skills.[3][4] Stukov would later hold Dr. Emil Narud responsible for his creation.[5]

Infested Stukov was observed by the Kimeran Pirates in a Terran Confederacy science facility. The terrans there were studying zerg reanimation through infestation, and appeared to be working with or for Stukov.[6]

A Battle on BraxisEdit

Stukov lorded over his own secret brood on Braxis.[1] He was supported by renegade terrans and zerg, who had not been there for long.[7]

Protoss leader Artanis became aware of Stukov's rebirth, and summoned his old ally Jim Raynor for assistance in dealing with this problem. He told Raynor that Kaloth had revived Stukov. Artanis's scientists had developed a nanotech serum which could reverse the process, and he employed Raynor, Praetor Taldarin and a small escort of protoss and terrans to travel to Braxis to free Stukov from the zerg.

The zerg on Braxis were weak, as Stukov had only recently come into power over them. They infested a large part of Braxis despite this weakness. Furthermore, Stukov had gathered a large number of mercenaries to work for him, although they were not completely reliable. Many believed Stukov was insane and joined forces with Raynor and Taldarin.

Raynor and Taldarin fought their way to Stukov's hideout. While there, a giant cocoon exploded, and from it Stukov and zerg troops emerged. Stukov screamed out: "Now you will taste the vengeance of the New Swarm. Destroy them!"[1]

The zerg troops attacked Raynor and Taldarin. However, the two were able to free Stukov from the zerg with the nanotech serum and fled Braxis with him. Even with Stukov gone the zerg continued to attack; Stukov said they had turned against him. The protoss then purified the world, purging it of Kaloth and their broods.[1]


Cerebrates were not designed to exist without the Overmind, and were unable to sustain themselves for long after its death.[8] Following the Brood War, all the remaining cerebrates were eventually hunted down and exterminated by Kerrigan's forces; there are none left.[2]


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