Keith Robert Andreassi[1] DeCandido is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Born April 18, 1969, he has written extensively for the above genres, including StarCraft and Star Trek. He also wrote the Warcraft novel Cycle of Hatred.

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DeCandido had two possible stories for the StarCraft: Frontline series.[2] While two later StarCraft: Ghost stories featured in Frontline, they were written by a different authors, leading to DeCandido's StarCraft: Ghost Academy: Volume 1.[3] DeCandido was originally the author of Volume 2 as well[4] and was expected to write three volumes.[5][6][7] Since then, Volume 2's author was changed to David Gerrold.[8]

DeCandido had been previously assigned to write StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres and indeed finished a manuscript[9] but the work was later transferred to Nate Kenyon.[10]


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