Kel-Morian Internment Camp-36 was a Kel-Morian P.O.W. camp based on Turaxis II, which was split between the Combine and the Terran Confederacy. The camp was commanded by Overseer Hanz Brucker. By 2488, the camp housed over 300 Confederate prisoners of war.

The camp consisted of a command center and ComSat station along with water towers and supply depots, plus a factory where a large number of vehicles were stored. It had six long buildings and two others.

The camp was well-defended by a plascrete barrier. The access roads were bracketed by bunkers. Outside the camp proper rested three hills, each of which housed missile turrets, defensive guns and pop-up turrets. The weapons could be depressed to fire into the camp.

Overseer Brucker, an enormously fat man, starved his prisoners, and often made them play music while watching him eat.

In 2488, Confederate Colonel Javier Vanderspool hatched a plot with Overseer Aaron Pax to rob his own base, Fort Howe. By blaming the Combine, Vanderspool could split the proceeds of the loot while hiding the evidence. The plot was hijacked by another Kel-Morian overseer, however, prompting the attack to deal tremendous damage to the base. Furthermore, Vanderspool lost his loot to the Heaven's Devils, an elite Confederate unit, which hid their own theft from him. Vanderspool believed Brucker was behind the second plot.

Captain Clair Hobarth, a Confederate dropship pilot, along with two other prisoners, managed to escape KIC-36. However, only Hobarth made it back to the Confederacy alive, and she was in bad shape. This prompted the ambitious Colonel Vanderspool to plot an attack on it and get revenge on Brucker.

Lance Corporal Jim Raynor of the Confederate Heaven's Devils platoon infiltrated the camp, pretending to be a Kel-Morian pilot, in order to warn the P.O.W.s and allow them to organize their escape. However, Brucker saw through this. Raynor had just enough time to warn the prisoners before he was captured and tortured for information on neural resocialization (which Raynor knew almost nothing about).

In the Battle of KIC-36, the camp was attacked by Heaven's Devils, led by Sergeant Tychus Findlay, who used "flying" Thunderstrike armor as part of the initial surprise attack. The prisoners were rescued. Raynor was freed and Brucker murdered on Vanderspool's orders. However, Confederate losses were high.[1]


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