The Kelanis Shipping Guild is one of the two founding organizations of the Kel-Morian Combine.


The Kelanis Shipping Guild, along with the Morian Mining Coalition, came to dominate the economic activities on Moria after the larger guilds used a variety of shady tactics to eliminate competition over time. These two powers gradually gained political influence over Moria and its associated operations on nearby planets, moons, and asteroids.[1]

Wanting to maximize their ability to drain the resources from the numerous worlds within the Koprulu sector, as well as fearing that the Terran Confederacy might attempt to move in and use its military strength to regulate their lucrative operations, the Kelanis Shipping Guild merged with the Morian Mining Coalition to form the Kel-Morian Combine.[1][2]

During the Guild Wars the Kelanis Shipping Guild built ships which were armed by the Morian Mining Guild.[3]

Known MembersEdit


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