"Throughout the last five or so years of my life, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with hundreds of employees at Blizzard. The two things that always stuck out to me about them were their consistent positivity and their passion for their games. These two key characteristics—a positive work environment and passion for your work—are two of the most important things I look for when deciding where I work. It’s why I worked at TeamLiquid and why I now work at Blizzard. And come on! It’s a dream for so many people to work on their favorite games, and it’s not any different for me."

- Kevin Dong(src)

Kevin "Monk" Dong is a game designer for StarCraft II.


Dong was introduced to StarCraft around the time of its release, introduced to it at a friend's house as being "Warcraft II, but in space. He became hooked, and alongside Pokemon, it was one of his most played games in his adolescence. His next Blizzard game was Warcraft III. He studied the Warcraft III pro scene, and by extension, was introduced to the StarCraft pro scene. He worked on custom maps such as Footman Frenzy, Castle Fight, and Desert Strike. In 2007, he began studying StarCraft content avoidly, mostly via Team Liquid[1] and[2] While he considered becoming a pro player, he didn't deem it possible; at least if he wanted a stable income.

When StarCraft II was released, he quickly reached GM level in Wings of Liberty, but found that he liked talking about the game more than playing it. Thus, he began writing strategy and coverage articles for the game. He ended up working for Team Liquid full-time. He became further invested in e-sports after the release of Hearthstone, where he had rules as a player, content creator, commentator, team manager, and tournament organizer. However, he also remained invested in StarCraft.

Around 2017, his attention shifted from Versus to Co-op. He formed a Discord group for Co-op players. Because he was already a community figure in various Blizzard communities, he was invited to regular community summits, including those for StarCraft II, StarCraft: Remastered, and Hearthstone. During one of these summits, he told Tim Morten, that he had some suggestions for the Co-op mode. Morten booked a meeting with the Co-op team the next day. In the meeting, he was invited to apply for a design position. He received it.[1]

Currently, most of Dong's work is spent on commander design for Co-op Missions, while also providing assistance for the Versus team.[2]


Dong's favorite Co-op commander is Nova.[1]


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