"Executor, as Matriarch of the Dark Templar and custodian of this world, I hereby order you to terminate Judicator Aldaris, and quell this untimely uprising without delay! There will be no dissent among us while the Zerg are poised to strike!"

The Khalai Revolt of Shakuras was an attempt by the Khalai to overthrow the Dark Templar during the Brood War. The insurgents were led by Judicator Aldaris who had discovered Raszagal, the Dark Templar matriarch, was under the influence of Sarah Kerrigan. The revolt was put down with the timely return and aid of the Fleet of the Matriarch. Aldaris was killed by Kerrigan before the judicator could reveal the revolt's motives; for this interference the alliance between the protoss and Kerrigan was broken. United once more the protoss prepared to activate the Shakuras' xel'naga temple and evict the zerg from the planet.


Judicator Aldaris discovered Kerrigan's influence on Matriarch Raszagal and incited the Khalai refugees to revolt; virtually all the Templar and Judicators rallied to Aldaris.

The Fleet of the Matriarch returned to Shakuras bearing the Khalis and Uraj crystals as the insurgents prepared to assault the Dark Templar Citadel. Raszagal ordered Artanis and Zeratul to suppress the revolt and execute Aldaris with all haste. The Matriarch claimed the rebels were driven by the traditional prejudices held by the Khalai against the Dark Templar. Zeratul was unsettled by the uncharacteristic forcefulness of the Matriarch's order but there was no time to contemplate this further.

Upon taking up positions Artanis reported the Fleet's Arbiters and their Judicator crews, as well as the High templar warriors and archons had defected to the insurgents. The situation was deemed so grave that for the first time in a thousand years the creation of dark archons was approved. The Citadel's defenses held and the Dark Templar struck out.

Aldaris used illusions to mask his true location but eventually he was captured. Artanis and Zeratul confronted the Judicator and, instead of executing him, offered to accept his surrender and a renewed pledge of cooperation. Aldaris refused and began to explain that the Matriarch's "alliance" with Kerrigan was something far more sinister but before he could finish he was interrupted and killed by the Queen of Blades and her minions.

Zeratul was infuriated by Kerrigan's interference and terminated the tenuous alliance. But Kerrigan had achieved what she had come for: she had used the protoss to destroy the renegade zerg broods and for now, at least, her link to the Matriarch remained a secret.[1]


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