Homeland SC1 Map1

The Khor-shakal and the surrounding area in 2500

The Khor-shakal ("Great Forum"), otherwise known as the "Heart of the Conclave"[1] was a fortress-city located on Aiur.[2] Situated south of Velari Province and east from the Temple of the Preservers,[3] it was from here that the Conclave ruled over the protoss.[2] Underneath it the great arkship, the Spear of Adun, was buried, saved for a time of great need for the protoss.[4]

Khor-shakal was considered to be the crown jewel of Aiur, a city so resplendent it defied description. Even structures as simple as its pylons were adorned with shining decorations.[5]

During the Protoss Civil War, the fortress was destroyed by Tassadar and his Dark Templar allies.[1] According to Zamara, Tassadar wiped out the Conclave,[6] but the group apparently still existed by the final assault on the Overmind that marked the end of the Great War.[7]

ArtanisKaraxZealot SC2-LotV Cine1

Artanis and Karax at the Khor-shakal ruins

At the start of the End War, Hierarch Artanis and a small group of Daelaam free of Amon's Khala corruption came to the Khor-shakal to reactivate the Spear of Adun. The area was heavily infested by zerg, and reinforced by Khalai protoss forces under Amon's control, but the Daelaam were able to repel them long enough to reach the power cells that could reactivate the arkship. The Spear of Adun was brought online, and the Daelaam evacuated onto it to flee Aiur.[8]


  • In Legacy of the Void, a singular structure is referred to as "Kor-shakal." In addition, the name is parsed without an article as "Kor-shakal, the Heart of the Conclave."[10]


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