Kirsten Warner is a colonist of Bhekar Ro and sister of Kiernan Warner.

In 2500, Kirsten was living in interesting times, courtesy of an alien artifact emerging and an alien craft coming to investigate said artifact. Kirsten attended the meeting to discuss the latter, a call for outside aid having been made a few days ago. Knowing that possibly hostile extraterrestrials could reach Bhekar Ro before outside aid, Kirsten and the rest of the colonists prepared to defend their world. This came about earlier than expected, Octavia Bren alerting the colonists that alien invaders had landed before the arrival of outside aid. Kirsten thus began helping Shayna Bradshaw and Cyn McCarthy in a makeshift hospital in anticipation of receiving wounded. With the invaders closing in on Free Haven however, she took up her brother's granite-chopping tools as weapons, keeping the invaders at bay.


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