The Knights of Freedom are a terran freedom fighter organization opposed to the Terran Dominion. Reporter Michael Liberty was embedded with them[1] in 2502.[2]

A small number of the residents of Candore Colony offered the Knights sanctuary. The Dominion sent in marines to deal with the "rebels", arresting or otherwise dealing with all of the colonists. Liberty made a pirate news broadcast of their investigation, simply showing that the colonists had disappeared.

Their transmission was intercepted by Universe News Network employees Kate Lockwell and Zach Oliver, who had discovered that many of the colonists had been killed and stacked aboard the marines' battlecruiser and recorded this footage. They copied the footage twice and hid the copies; they were then arrested by the marines, who killed Oliver and tried to kill Lockwell in an effort to find the footage.

The Knights invaded the battlecruiser, killing some of the marines and rescued Lockwell. However, she refused to go with them; she gave them one copy of the footage and allowed the marines to take the other one.

Lockwell's report on the incident was simply pro-Dominion propaganda, but she was scheduled to interview Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk next month. Liberty decided to air the footage of the corpses then.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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