The Knights of Tyrador are a militia and security force assigned to protect the planet of Tyrador IX, as well as to serve security and amusement to its high end tourists and residents.[1]


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A Knights of Tyrador battlecruiser

The Knights of Tyrador are known for their chrome and platinum sheen to their units.[1] While many are reinforced for practical reasons, much more effort is made to make their units look good for Tyrador IX's clientele and customers, at the expense of their effectiveness in combat.[2] Many of their machines have have coatings made to maximize gleam and scratchproofing. Their hellions were designed in collaboration with fashion designer JJ Hyun.

While the Knights of Tyrador's job is security, many of their duties are to amuse the guests of Tyrador IX. Some are used in amusement parks for fireworks, have enhanced thrusters and floodlights which hamper them in combat, and enhanced weight. Their trained medivac dropship pilots are experienced, but mostly focus on rescuing tourists in yacht accidents. Dignitaries above a certain rank who visit the planet are greeted to a ten round salute from their siege tanks.

Much of the Knights of Tyrador military-grade tech is often used to help support the tourism industry, as their fusion cores power the planet's casinos, water parks, and robotic massage parlors, and their reactors are outfitted into the planet's five-star resorts to help support the technology of their wealthiest patrons. Their barracks are outfitted with a five-star robotic kitchen and a full-service spa, though these are only for officers. Prior to the Cerberus attack on the planet, a portion of their engineering bays were devoted to the creation of amusement part attractions. Much of their technology, such as their bunkers and tech labs, have been adapted to operate in Tyrador's extreme and often fluctuating temperatures.

Many of the Knights of Tyrador are grizzled veteran mercenaries, drawn to the planet by the prospect of an easy posting and generous pay.[1]


The Knights of Tyrador were formed in the wake of the Defenders of Man Insurgency, where the feral zerg invasion devastated the booming trade industry of Tyrador IX. They were armed with visually striking and extravagant weapons to give the illusion of security, but corners were cut in the effectiveness of their weaponry.[2]

The Battle of Tyrador IXEdit

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Tyrador skinset

Some time after the Defenders of Man Insurgency, the Cerberus Program were hired by a rival system to invade Tyrador IX with their enslaved zerg broods in order to sabotage their industries.[2] A Tyradorian reaper, who was taking the long way back to base to avoid a dust storm, first spotted the invasion force. The Cerebrus attack focused on New Canaan, and the defenders mistook the mechanized headlights of their hydralisks for that of dune buggies. Much of the Knight's banshees were destroyed in the first wave of Cerberus's attack, as ravagers punctured holes in their defensive line. One banshee was able to kill three ultralisks before being shot down. Many of the Knight's vikings were taken down by flocks of mutalisks.

As New Canaan seemed on the verge of falling, a high altitude Knight raven detected a mass of stone ships in orbit belonging to the Ihan-rii protoss. The Knights sent a Behemoth-class battlecruiser to meet with their oracles and request aid. The Ihan-rii blindsided the Cerberus zerg, blasting into their ranks with their warfleet. With the combined forces the the Knights and Ihan-rii, the Cerberus zerg were driven back.

Upon discovering the source of the invasion to be Cerberus, the Knights of Tyrador hired groups of mercenary ghosts to assassinate their leadership.[1]

Tensions with the Ihan-riiEdit

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Tyrador building set

After the battle, the Ihan-rii met with the powers of the Koprulu sector in Tyrador command centers. It was decided that the Terran Dominion and Ihan-rii would share ownership of Tyrador IX, and that borders would be drawn. The terrans of Tyrador would continue to be allowed to mine the resources of the planet, and the Ihan-rii began to construct settlements.

However, tensions began to rise between the two races. Some Ihan-rii wandered into secret Tyradorian armories, claiming they mistook them for museums. A delegate from Tyrador was vaporized when he touched an Ihan-rii gateway, further exasperating the situation. Soon factories on a disputed area mysteriously exploded, leaving glowing green craters. The Ihan-rii began to rapidly warp in capital ships and robotic constructs, while fortifying their shield battery network. In response, the Knights of Tyrador began to expand their missile turret network, as well as accelerate their starport production.

Tyradorian sensor towers began to detect seismic disturbances in the wake of the battle, but attributed it to the Ihan-rii's development. Meanwhile, their refineries reported lower than average vespene gas yields, as if the underground reservoirs they tapped had been diverted. [1]


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Special edition 6" Knights of Tyrador battlecruiser figurine

  • A Tyrador skinset was made available in the BlizzCon 2019 War Chest.[3] A Knights of Tyrador building skinset was made available in War Chest 6.[2]
  • The Knights of Tyrador symbol is a possible tribute to the logo of the competitive StarCraft II team and community hub TeamLiquid.
  • A special edition Knights of Tyrador 6" battlecruiser figurine was produced by Dark Horse Comics.[5]


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