The Koprulu Liberation Front is a terran rebel army involved in a bitter struggle with the Terran Dominion, years after the death of the second Overmind.[1] They are rumored to have a base on Abaddon.[2]


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The New Sydney IncidentEdit

Main Article: Battle of New Sydney

The KLF attacked New Sydney, site of an advanced Terran Dominion munitions factory. The KLF troops had access to new munitions and sensor equipment, and could hold the plant employees hostage. Their local leader, Valley Johanssen, waited six days for her reinforcements, who were taking a less-traveled route to avoid the Dominion, to arrive at New Sydney. She planned to take over the planet, which would be the KLF's greatest victory to date.

Unfortunately for her, Dominion Emperor Arcturus Mengsk was spooked by the take-over, which indicated a flaw in Dominion intelligence. He sent one of his best ghost agents, Nova, to rectify the situation, along with the Annihilators as backup. Nova was ordered to minimize casualties so they could be interrogated by the Dominion.

Although there were impressive defenses, such as winding tunnels and state-of-the-art weaponry stolen by the KLF, they were mostly bypassed by Nova.

Realizing that she had been defeated, Johanssen tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself in the heart, but was stopped by Nova.[3]

The Abaddon IncidentEdit

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The Koprulu Liberation Front operates a base on the lava planet of Abaddon, where they kidnapped an engineer and forced him to work on a prototype of the Grizzly. Nova was given orders to sneak into the base to rescue the engineer and capture the Grizzly prototype, but the KLF shot the engineer. Nova tried to steal the prototype after that.[2]

The Odin FrameEdit

In 2503,[4] the Umojan Protectorate blamed at least one of its secret attacks on the Dominion on the KLF.[5]

Known MembersEdit

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This organization is featured in StarCraft: Ghost and appeared in StarCraft: Ghost: Nova. Based on its portrayal in previews of the former, its faction color is blue (based on marine color).


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