The Koramund (khalani for "great wonder") was a protoss carrier.

History Edit

Originally built centuries before the Great War, it established more colonies than any other vessel since the Aeon of Strife, and also led protoss fleets into numerous battles. Over time, it garnered a legendary reputation among friend and foe alike. When the zerg attacked the protoss homeworld of Aiur, the Koramund fought side by side with the fleet flagship Gantrithor on the personal request of Tassadar, battling the invaders to the bitter end.

While many carriers were retired during the following exile on Shakuras, the Koramund remained in service as a symbol of protoss power and resilience.

While on its way to the front, the ship received what appeared to be a distress call from an old colony on the planet Vanass, and changed its course accordingly. However, the message was a ruse, leading the Koramund into a zerg trap. Soon, the bridge was compromised and the command crew killed. A mutalisk also damaged the ship's crystal matrix, causing it to crash into the surface of Vanass. There, third engineer Iaalu discovered that the mission had in fact been sabotaged by Tenzaal, one of the Praetor's lieutenants, who wanted to prove the uselessness of the carriers. He fought her for control of the dead Praetor's khaydarin crystal amulet, and eventually prevailed. In the process, the crystal was depleted, and Iaalu himself became the new "spark" fueling the Koramund. With the rest of the crew dead, he reactivated the vessel and lifted it off the planet to return to the stars.


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