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Korhal Palace

Korhal Palace[1] (or the Imperial Palace) is the residence of the Emperor of the Terran Dominion. It is located in Augustgrad, capital city of the Dominion throne world of Korhal.


The palace's exterior features gates and a courtyard that separates them from the actual palace structure.[2] Its interior includes a throne room, war room,[3] and a psi-shielded panic room. It is defended by the Imperial Guard and numerous computer-controlled weapons, and security cameras are also present.[2]

The Bunker[]

The Bunker is a war room underneath Korhal Palace that was installed shortly after Arcturus Mengsk came into power, and was designed to be impervious to any conceivable attack. It is a hundred meters underground[4] and surrounded by multiple layers of reinforced plascrete and lead supplemented by mu-metal and super-conducting meshes. Its air and water are filtered down to a molecular level. The Bunker's exterior is grounded against electromagnetic pulses and charged particle radiation, and is fifty meters deeper than even protoss purification can reach. The Bunker has instant communications with all of Korhal IV, as well as every ship and orbital station in the Korhal system, and is defended by an armory of small arms weapons, a contingent of troops, and enough supplies for one-hundred occupants to wait out a ten-year siege.

The Bunker continued to be used well into the reign of Emperor Valerian Mengsk.[5]


Construction on the palace continued in sync with Augustgrad. As with the city, construction on the structure was still ongoing even until after the Great War.[3]

The palace was besieged by the UED Expeditionary Fleet during the Brood War. The palace fell but Mengsk escaped capture and execution.[6]

In 2503, spectres led by Gabriel Tosh invaded the palace in an attempt to kidnap Emperor Mengsk, but were fended off by a ghost, Nova Terra.[2]


This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

During the Second Great War, Mengsk took refuge in the palace from outraged citizenry when his war crimes during the Great War became known.[7]

Kerrigan's Second Invasion of Korhal[]

Korhal Palace on the day of Kerrigan's assault.

During Kerrigan's invasion of Korhal, she surrounded and attacked the palace itself. Kerrigan destroyed the gates to the palace, allowing her to enter.[8]
She then cut her way through Mengsk's guards and confronted Mengsk in his office, located at the top of his palace. Though Mengsk tried to kill her using the xel'naga device, Jim Raynor intervened, allowing Kerrigan to destroy Mengsk with a blast of psionic energy. The resulting explosion destroyed the office, damaging the palace.[9]

End War[]

In 2506, Korhal was invaded by Moebius Corps and their hybrid masters. While Dominion forces were diverted with the defense, Moebius Corps sent a strike team into the palace and stole the Keystone, and smuggled it out to Bennet Port.[10]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Amon forces captured the palace and placed void shards outside of it with the intention of destroying Augustgrad. Corporal Faraday tasked allied forces with destroying the shards, and preventing the Imperial Sector's destruction. During the battle, Kimeran Pirates began to raid the area around the palace, and Faraday tasked the commanders with clearing them from the city.[11]

Defenders of Man Insurgency[]

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency after the feral zerg attack on Tyrador IX, Dominion citizens began a large scale protest outside of Korhal Palace calling for Emperor Valerian Mengsk to step down. The Emperor was forced to evacuate the palace after protests started to escalate.[12]

Game Structure[]


In StarCraft: Brood War, Mengsk's palace is an ordinary command center that is the main target of both versions of the mission "Emperor's Fall."[6]

StarCraft II[]

Mengsk's Palace appears in "The Reckoning", where its gate must be destroyed to finish the mission and the Heart of the Swarm campaign.

In addition to high HP and armor, the gate is guarded by powerful long-range cannons. As the gate's health decreases, drop pods of Dominion reinforcements will be dispatched to aid in its defense.[8]

Mengsk's Palace appears again in the Co-op Missions map "Rifts to Korhal" behind the final cluster of void shards. It is unarmed and can be destroyed, but otherwise has no effect on the map.[13]


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