Korsy is a settlement on Turaxis II. It featured a starport and lev train station.

Formerly a Terran Confederacy town, the citizens were captured and forced to work by Kel-Morian Combine soldiers under the command of Overseer Dankin.

In 2489, the Kel-Morians planned on shipping a train full of ardeon crystals through its train station. However, Overseer Aaron Pax and Confederate men Errol Bennet and Colonel Javier Vanderspool planned on hijacking the shipment and splitting the proceeds among the three of them.

Vanderspool took his troops to the town, capturing the starport and killing Dankin. However, Bennet double-crossed him moments before he betrayed many of his own soldiers, resulting in nearly all of them being wiped out. The battle was further complicated by the arrival of the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon, or the Heaven's Devils, who sought to end Vanderspool's schemes. After a long shootout, The Devils were down except for Jim Raynor, Tychus Findlay, and Ark Bennet, who killed Pax and Lisa Cassidy, who had betrayed them to Vanderspool. Jim Raynor shot Vanderspool in the chest, and left Korsy with the shipment of crystals he intended to smuggle.[1]


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