Preceptor Lagdamen is a tactics teacher at the Ghost Academy.[1]


Lagdamen teaches a number of tactics classes, including the Valerian hijacking scenario, using "Sparky" (the Ghost Academy's main computer) to help with her rating.

She rated Team Red highly, but the understrength Team Blue failed their first try. Team Blue member Nova Terra was rated highly, despite her lack of teamwork, because in her words "bad teamwork is worse than no teamwork." The team would be given more opportunities to test the scenario.

Lagdamen presented Team Blue with their newest member, Aal Cistler. She didn't like him or his attitude. He got into the Academy due to his politically powerful father, and he violated the rules on required PI ratings; he had a PI of only 4.5.

During a maze test, Team Blue was supposed to assemble a mental map of the darkened maze and reach the center. However, Cistler's weak psychic abilities prevented his contribution, and he didn't follow instructions either. Only Nova Terra was able to pass the test. Lagdamen informed them that they needed to work on teamwork.

Team Blue was given an easy assignment – assembling a C-10 rifle. Only Lio Travski, who was showing hab withdrawal symptoms, and Aal Cistler, who was doing this for the first time, failed the test. She noticed Nova Terra's greatly-improved score.

Team Blue had another shot at the Valerian scenario. Travski's drug abuse hampered him and he eventually passed out. Nova Terra, who was familiar with the drugs, called for a doctor. Lagdamen was impressed by Terra's scores and improved attitude toward teamwork, promoting her from fourth-class to third-class.

Meanwhile, Aal Cistler had washed out of the Academy, so she presented Team Blue with another new team member, Delta Emblock.[1]

The two ghost teams were merged into Team Purple, led by Gabriel Tosh. They were sent on a training mission to The Baker's Dozen aboard the battlecruiser Cyrus, commanded by Commodore Georg Darabont. Lagdamen was sent to oversee their training.

On the way, the group picked up a distress call from Old Family heirs on the planet of Shi. This was away from their mission area, but Darabont was eager to fight the zerg which had attacked them. Lagdamen disagreed, but Darabont said that everyone on the ship was under his command. Nova, who was familiar with these heirs, decided to take a lead role. Lagdamen gave Nova a ghost's hostile environment suit, but said that she come along as well, as she insisted it was still a training exercise.

The ghosts were deployed to the surface with Lagdamen, and targeted a group of zerg hatcheries for nuclear strike. This was successful, and a squadron of marines were deployed to the surface to secure the Old Family members. However, it was discovered that there were a larger group of hatcheries south of Mandible Canyon, and a massive swarm of zerg began to overwhelm their position. To make matters worse, the Cyrus was shot down by spore cannons.

With the battle turning for the worse, Tosh suggested Nova use a mind blast to clear out all zerg and buy them time, a plan which Lagdamen vehemently opposed. However, eventually she conceded they had little other option. The group moved to the crashed battlecruiser, and Travski used his technomancy to repair the ship. Team Purple took out the overlords and spore crawlers that were deployed to detect them, and with the cover from Nova's attack they were able to make the battlecruiser spaceworthy. After picking up the remainder of their team, Lagdamen, Team Purple, and the surviving marines and old family members escaped to Ghost Academy.

Back at the academy, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk ordered the Old Family members given to him, and had the trainees undergo a memory wipe, except for Tosh, who was injured in the battle and unable to undergo the wipe. Lagdamen allowed Nova to visit Tosh, but warned her he was delusional as an excuse to cover his knowledge of the Shi operation.[2]


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