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"Artanis has failed us. He has murdered us. He has killed our souls. I will find a new Khala. I will save us."

- The writings of Lantharis(src)

Lantharis is a phase-smith and former member of the Khalai Caste, who resented the loss of the Khala after the End War. She was unusually tall and had pale skin, and a strong resentment toward the Nerazim. At some point she had some basic combat training.


After the End War and destruction of the Khala, Lantharis resented the actions of Hierarch Artanis for having severed them from their psionic gestalt, and plotted to create a new Khala combining Nerazim and Purifier technology. She set up labs in Aldera, and by hand she created a number of devices that interacted directly with the stumps of the severed protoss nerve cords, which used void energy to allow them to communicate with one another, a design she stole from the family of the Nerazim Nerath. She considered this technology the creation of a "new temple" and offered to help spread this to many protoss who felt lost and without a purpose.

However, this technology was imperfect, and painful energy feedback began to kill off several members connected to it. The deaths of Eranis and Therun attracted the attention of High Executor Selendis, who dove deep into Lantharis's operations with the aid of Karax, Talandar and Nerath. Knowing they were on to her, Lantharis fled one of her labs, but left behind much of her writings and technology.

Not long after, she was tailed to one of her secondary labs, and ambushed by Selendis and Nerath. Lantharis unleashed a torrent of void energy into the lab, stunning the attackers, and brandishing a psi blade to finish them off. However, she was stopped by Talandar, who rammed into her and knocked her unconscious before placing her in a stasis chamber.

Lantharis was transported to Karax's lab, where she was briefly taken out of stasis and confronted by Artanis. She claimed Artanis was a traitor to his people, and madly claimed she would rebuild the Khala and allow the Khalai to be reborn. Artanis then turned her stasis field back on, allowing him to discuss the issues his society faced without the Khala with his advisors.[1]


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