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"Ah, well you see, Cestoda is a class of parasitic flatworms that live in the digestive tract of vertebrates and absorb food predigested by their host. They're ugly creatures, little more than a body with only a rudimentary head for attachment to their host. And one of the most common complaints regarding them is the nausea they cause. Just thought you ought to know."

Lieutenant Lars Cestoda was the secretary to 33rd Ground Assault Division commander Brantigan Fole. A waspish and punctilious man, he seemed an unlikely soldier, but thrived on the minutiae of army regulations.

In late 2485, just prior to the outbreak of the Guild Wars, Cestoda was stationed at Camp Hastings on Onuru Sigma. One of the individuals who waited in his office before seeing Fole was Captain Arcturus Mengsk. Overcome with boredom, the captain mocked Cestoda's surname before being allowed admittance.

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