"Listen up, there's a way to do business here. You show too much force, they'll think you're desperate."

- Elms on the Last Junction(src)

LastJunction Comic1

The Last Junction at night

The Last Junction is a bustling black market mercenary outpost, located on a world with at least 23 hours in its day. It is considered to be a rough area, outside the Dominion's reach. Symbols of Mira's Marauders, Raynor's Raiders, and War Pigs can be seen. Anti-Valerian Mengsk sentiment appears to be present.

Sometime after the Battle of Adena, Elms and her fellow outlaws visited the outpost to sell a batch of jorium, but they were double-crossed by her contact James Sykes. However, one of Elms's crew members, Gary, revealed himself to be infested, and ran off into the streets.[1] He slaughtered his way through the outpost, tearing into the patrons of a bar, before Elms hunted him down and killed him. Elms met with Reigel in aftermath, who offered to have Nova Terra buy her jorium.[2]


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