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"Through most of the war we fought as nobles might. Never betraying, never deceitful. But there came a point where tripping the soldier next to you might mean another day of life..."

- Colonel Fenius Hassad(src)

Last One Standing is a Blizzard Entertainment Map of the Month, a series of free maps released by Blizzard for StarCraft.


The map is structured similar to a reality show and is designed for at least three players. Each "day" the players partake in some sort of event. When the event is completed, the players vote on another player to kick out of the game; the winner of the event cannot be voted out. This continues until only one player remains.


The first event is a footrace against the other players. The players must fight their way past enemies to reach the finish line, and respawn at the last checkpoint they reached if they are killed. The players are initially allied, but may turn on each other if they wish.

The second event gives players a base and the objective to harvest 5,000 minerals first, or destroy their competition.

The third event gives each player a base on a plateau. Waves of zerg will spawn to attack; each player must last as long as they can, with the last to fall winning. Attempting to leave the plateau will result in the player losing the event.

The fourth event is a melee where players must kill each other, to earn kill points. Players begin with a varied force of units and receive reinforcements throughout the round. The loss of a player's power generator automatically results in the event being lost for them.

The fifth event is the final one. With only two players remaining they each receive control of a small starting base with resources, and have the objective to eliminate their opponent. The winner is declared the winner of the map.