Laura Hodsan was an associate technician who worked at Research Station EB-103.

While the base housed the former Queen of Blades, Hodsan and her fellow technicians installed replacement equipment, while Kerrigan was watching them. Some of the doctors criticized them for this perceived lapse of security, going on about blind experiment conditions. Hodsan dismissed their concerns—Kerrigan was a telepath, so how could there be such conditions when she could read everyone's mind? And since Kerrigan had come voluntarily and had not made aggressive actions against the staff, Hodsan felt they owed her the courtesy of telling her what they were doing. That, and she suspected Kerrigan didn't like surprises. She admitted to being terrified by the former queen, and had no shame in admitting that because she suspected Kerrigan knew.

Hodsan later shared her thoughts with Supervising Technician Jonathan Marlow.[1]


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